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Hospi Housing: let's introduce

Meet: Maurits, Daan and Joost (left to right)

In the summer of 2018 the founders of what later would become Hospi Housing came together for the first time. After six months of brainstorming and doing research, the idea grew out to a social enterprise. At the beginning of 2019 the website is launched and Hospi Housing is officially registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. At the start of the academic year 2019/2020 we’ll run our first pilot in Utrecht. If successful, we will expand to all Dutch student cities, and abroad. Did we really say that? O yes. The team of Hospi Housing is characterized by an enormous shared drive to make impact. Ambitious, entrepreneurial and full of energy.

Hospi Housing started as a wild and idealistic idea. As an idea for a solution of a problem: the housing shortage among students and starters. In particular international students encounter this burden. Unlike Dutch students, they don’t have the option to continue living with their parents until they found a suitable room. As a temporary solution, these students are housed in holiday parks, hotels, hostels and even in tents. This is often expensive and not particularly what you imagine when studying abroad.

Hospi Housing offers a different solution. We connect international students with local hosts or host families. Students looking for a room and hosts with a room available. A win-win situation. For international students this presents a social solution in their search for housing, for hosts an added source of income, and for both a unique exchange of culture and language. Room for Experience. That’s Hospi Housing.