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Hospi Housing and the Coronavirus

Empty lecture halls due to the Coronacrisis

In the last few weeks we received questions from several hosts, guest families and students concerning the Coronavirus. We will always respond in person, but would like to inform you via this way as well.

The Coronavirus has a major impact on our lives. In the Netherlands and worldwide. Universities and universities of applied sciences have taken strict measures. The majority of their buildings are closed, internships and exchanges are suspended and lectures and classes are being held online. As a consequence of these measures and because it is unclear how long this crisis will last, many foreign students have returned home.

With fewer students looking for accommodation, it can be more difficult than normal to find a tenant. However, there are still students looking for a room and hosts looking for a tenant. For them we will do our utmost best to find a right match.

We cannot predict how long this crisis will last. For now, we expect the planned arrival of foreign students this summer can take place. This means that especially in July, August and September we are looking for a large number of rooms to offer our students a safe, affordable and convenient place to stay. Is your room available anytime soon or do you know someone with interest to rent out a room? Please let us know!

If you have more questions regarding the Coronavirus and the situation in the Netherlands, check out the website of the Dutch government or send us an email. Take extra care of yourself and each other in this extraordinary period of time. We wish you all the best!