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Become a host, you decide who will live with you and for which period of time.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for international students to find an affordable room in the Netherlands. We at Hospi found a social solution to this problem. Hospi Housing connects international students with local hosts. It does not matter whether you live with your dog, your family or with your entire group of friends. You are a perfect fit for Hospi if you have a room to spare, you're social and you like to earn some tax-free money.


Hospi just started and is looking for hosts and guest families open to a new adventure. Do you have room for a new experience?

How it works:

You have a room available

and you are interested in becoming a host.


Leave your contact details

and we will contact you to discuss your preferences.


We will come visit you

to get to know each other and to take professional photos of the room.


We search for a fitting student

by using our local network with Universities throughout the Netherlands.


We arrange the first contact

through a visit or via Skype, because having a connection is important.


Welcome the student

we help to draw up a contract and to make payment agreements


Interested in becoming a host and would you like some more information? Contact us!

Can I become a host?

Almost everyone can become a host. Hospi Housing however sets a few requirements. With these requirements we can guarantee quality for the student and the University. Furthermore, we aim to prevent any miscommunications between Host, student and Hospi Housing.

Thanks in advance for your possible interest. You can request more information using the form below.

We just need a bit of information