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Hospi Housing connects
international students
with local hosts

The concept

If you are planning to stay in the Netherlands and are looking for a room, Hospi Housing can connect you with a local landlord or host family, free of charge.


Let us know how long you will stay, what your budget is and how much privacy you wish for. Hospi Housing helps you search, the choice is yours.


Find what you were looking for? Than it's time to get to know each other. Hospi Housing will bring you in touch and takes care of the rest.


All set, time to meet each other. Questions during your stay? You can always contact Hospi Housing for free. We will be there to help you.

Questions, ideas or do you simply want more information?

About Hospi Housing

Hospi - short for hospita; host in english - started from necessity and as a social initiative. The Dutch housing market experiences major shortages for international students and starters and prices are skyrocketing.

Hospi Housing builds no houses, Hospi owns no houses, what Hospi does is providing a platform for unused rooms and people looking for a room. Hospi connects people with different backgrounds. With Hospi you don't rent a room. With Hospi you stay at someone's place.


Room for experience.

That's Hospi Housing.

Maurits /\ co-founder

Joost /\ co-founder

Daan /\ co-founder

Our partners

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